How to give quality care to your loved one who has Alzheimer’s or Dementia without giving up your life and feeling guilty

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From: Harvey

To: Alzheimer's and Dementia Loved Ones


Dear Caregiver

If you’re loved one has alzheimer’s or dementia, then this the most important letter you’ll ever read.

The Most Valuable Information About Alzheimer’s and Dementia In One Location 

Caring for someone with alzheimer's or dementia is demanding. Moreover, there are days when you feel everything is getting on top of you and you have nowhere to turn. 

The good news is there are effective solutions that enable alzheimer’s and dementia patients to manage their condition and also help caregivers cope with the daily challenges.  

Having worked with elderly patients who have alzheimer's and dementia for more than 25 years, I’m on the cutting-edge of what is currently working to help my residents. 

What’s more, I intend to share all the latest news, developments, solutions, advice and tips with you in a membership site called All About Alzheimer’s

If your loved one has alzheimer’s or dementia, this membership site will be the most important resource you will ever read.

Finding solutions to Alzheimer’s and Dementia doesn’t have to be overwhelming! 

In the last 25 years, medical science has ramped up their research into alzheimer’s and dementia. As a result, the landscape has changed dramatically. Every day there’s something new to learn.

  • New research on possible causes
  • New strategies to deal with alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Creative arts shown to alleviate alzheimer’s and dementia
  • The latest developments on new drugs
  • Uplifting stories which provide inspiration and hope

The list goes on and on…. 

In fact, there’s such an overwhelming abundance of information out there, it’s impossible for caregivers to keep up with the latest developments on top of all your other chores and challenges. 

In part, that’s my motivation for publishing All About Alzheimer's. With my wealth of knowledge and many years of experience, I’m in a prime position to deliver all the information you need to know about in bite-sized chunks that are easy-to-digest. 

Let’s put it this way: imagine there was only one radio station that played every genre of music, broadcast every news item and aired every talkback show in the world. 

That’s a hell of a lot of content to consume. But you only have a passion for country music and it’s difficult to find what you want in the jumble of all that other content. 

Fortunately, a small independent radio station comes along that is dedicated to bringing you the best country music it can source. 

All of a sudden, you have easy access to everything you want without having to sift through an abundance of content that does not interest you. 

So which radio station will you mostly likely tune into?  

All About Alzheimer’s is the radio station that gives you everything you need to know in a format that is easy to consume. Not only does it contain everything you need to know, but it doesn’t take up hours and hours of your time searching for valuable information. 

Let me show you exactly what you can expect.

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The Only Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resource That Gives You More…And A Little Bit Extra! 


Essentially, All About Alzheimer's is a membership site that gives you EASY ACCESS to the most interesting, informative and inspiring content the world has to offer.  

I will be pulling together all the latest studies, scientific research, medical solutions, coping mechanisms and much, much more.  

All About Alzheimer's doesn’t claim to offer you a cure for alzheimer's or dementia but I can promise to provide you with critical information that makes your life as a caregiver easier.  

And of course, if medical science does find a cure, you can be assured you will find out about it a lot quicker by subscribing to this membership site!


Month to month, I source all the content about alzheimer's and dementia that has either been written or spoken about, and pick out the most relevant and useful snippets. 

The content that is most valuable to you is then published in All About Alzheimer’s. 

Not only that, but I also condense the most relevant information into small, digestible articles. Everything you need to know that month can be read in about 10 minutes.  

The content is easily accessed from your phone or computer. You can even print it out so you have it to hand in paper format.  

In addition, I provide some context and useful insights into each piece of content so that it is understandable. You probably already know that scientific studies are not easy reading. 

All in all, you have an easy-to-read resource in a digestible format. The benefit is you don’t have to waste hours schlepping through the web every day.

A Little Bit About Me 

You may be wondering what qualifies me to provide information about alzheimer’s and dementia. After all, I’m not a doctor or a medical practitioner of any kind.  

However, I do have a significant amount of experience caring for hundreds of patients with alzheimer’s and dementia. 

With over 25 years under my belt, I have first-hand experience of the multitude of challenges you face. I also understand how to manage the emotional rollercoaster you are on. 

But most of all, I have a freight-load of solutions that will enable you to tackle every problem you face with confidence, give you the hope and motivation to face your day and provide the best possible care for your loved one without feelings of guilt, bitterness and resentment. 

My name is Harvey Zemmel. I have owned residential care homes (assisted living centres to overseas readers) for elderly people with alzheimer's and dementia since 1995. 


Between 1997-2007, I was Managing Director and Shareholder of a group of 10 residential care homes based in the North West of England. I, together with my team, won Industry Awards. 

Currently, I own and run two residential care homes for the elderly with one care home specializing in alzheimers and dementia. 

During all my time working with alzheimers’ and dementia residents, I’ve taken it upon myself to stay abreast of the latest developments in the alzheimer’s and dementia field. Given a large percentage of our residents suffer from alzheimer's and dementia, it makes sense that my team and I know how to care for them in the best possible way. 

As a result, I am consistently in touch with the latest developments in the alzheimer’s and dementia world. It also gives me great satisfaction to ensure my residents receive the best quality care. 

Recognising the benefits I offer my residents gave me the idea and the motivation to publish All About Alzheimer's so I can share my knowledge and wisdom with other alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers all over the world.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Information From People That Understand 

Having spent more than 25 years dealing with multiple alzheimer’s and dementia residents on a daily basis I have seen and done it all. 

You can believe me when I say I understand the daily challenges you face. That’s why I am best placed to offer you advice as a caregiver as well. All About Alzheimer’s is not all about alzheimer’s and dementia but how you can look after your own mental and emotional health as well. 

And I promise you, the All About Alzheimer’s membership site gives you first-hand advice and detailed information you cannot find anywhere else on the internet. 

Here’s a sneak-peek of the problems you can expect to find solutions for: 

  • I’ve been up since 1.00 am and it’s now 12.30 pm ….this is going to be a long tiring day…and I’ve already done three nappy changes. What you need to do next…?
  • What happens if I get sick? These are your two options….
  • What three things to do when he’s prowling the house and following me around the garden…?
  • What are the four best strategies to manage and reduce my stress and anxiety?
  • What you should never do when she pours her commode full of urine and poo down the stairs…
  • The three techniques to get my ‘own life’ back so I can focus on my other roles as a wife, mother and friend…
  • What two things to do when he’s hallucinating….people talking to him from the TV….people who died 20 years ago are ‘alive’…
  • I’m afraid Mum will have to go into a nursing home. The seven questions to ask to make sure you choose the right care…
  • Escaped at 2.05 am …police find him two miles away with only slippers and boxers on. What you need to do next…?
  • I feel frustrated and alone. No-one truly understands what I’m going through - the three tips on how to avoid these feelings…
  • Which two strategies to adopt when you’re not sure you can do this [care] much longer…
  • What you should never do when your loved one shouts ‘Nurse’ all day and night…
  • How to avoid feeling both desperate to do my best for my Dad and desperate to ‘break free’…
  • It’s only 8.15 am and I am already losing it. What you should never do when you feel this way…
  • It’s not the Alzheimers that’s killing me…it’s the exhaustion. The four ways to relax….
  • I’ve heard so many awful stories about nursing homes. The three signals to look for to make sure you avoid choosing the wrong nursing home…
  • How to overcome the feelings that you’re not appreciated as your loved one isn’t able to say ‘thank you’…
  • One minute fine, next minute pushing you…she screams and clenches her teeth and fists. The two ways to diffuse this tense situation….
  • The one thing you must never do when you feel resentment and bitterness…
  • Peeing and pooping outside the toilet is now the new norm. What you need to do next…?
  • Which strategy to adopt when you receive constant calls from 3.00 am….30/40 calls every day…


And if that’s not enough, it gets even better! 

When you subscribe you also receive two pieces of bonus content which would ordinarily cost over $1000!

Bonus 1: Free Nursing Home Report 

When you subscribe to All About Alzheimer’s, you will also receive a Free Report that provides beneficial insights YOU NEED TO KNOW.

‘How to Avoid The 7 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing A Nursing Home for Your Loved One.’

I have 25 years’ experience of running care homes in the UK and share with you the most valuable ‘insider secrets’:

• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘cigarette butt’ test?
• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘air freshener’ test?
• Is the facility run for the benefit of the staff or the residents?
• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘smile’ test?
• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘bingo’ test?
• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘race’ test?
• Does the facility pass or fail the ‘visitor’s toilet’ test?

The valuable information I provide you with this free report will enable you to choose a care home for your loved ones with confidence.

Value $997

Bonus 2: Free Homecare Report 

When you subscribe to All About Alzheimers, you will also receive a Free Report that provides beneficial insights you need to know. ‘The 45 Critical Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Homecare Agency’.

This Free Report covers the following:

  • The 8 questions about how trustworthy the business is you’re about to
    appoint to care for your loved one
  • The 11 questions to ensure your loved ones care needs are going to be
  • The 8 questions to make sure the carer provides compassionate care for
    your loved one
  • The 6 questions to ensure the visits run smoothly
  • The 12 questions to make sure there is transparency regarding payments

The valuable information I provide you with in this Free Report will enable you to
choose the right Homecare agency to care for your loved one.

Value $497

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You will not find any other resource in the world that offers you so much valuable information about alzheimer’s and dementia for such a low price.

Remember, you’re getting tons of high-quality information each month that makes your life easier and enables you to provide your loved one with the best quality care.

Our only aim is to make your life easier and the only way we can do that is by offering you the best information for the lowest price possible.

With All About Alzheimer’s we feel we have done that. And we are confident you will think that too!

Our 100% Money Back, No Risk Guarantee 

Our guarantee is simple. 

If for any reason you’re not delighted with the quality of our content or the value of your membership experience, just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll promptly refund your membership fee. No questions, no hassle. 

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I’m excited about sharing my experiences and knowledge and passionate about helping fellow caregivers. 

Kind regards 

Harvey Zemmel  

PS  All About Alzheimer’s is a membership site that gives you EASY ACCESS to the most interesting, informative and inspiring content the world has to offer. 

For less than what most people spend on a Starbucks in a week!

PPS Act now and join as a Founding Member for just $49.95  $29.95 strictly for the first 100 members.

PPPS You get instant access to 2 Free Reports – How to Avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One and The 45 Critical Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Homecare Agency – worth over $1000!

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